Master Lima

Maître Lima

Laudelino Lima, (Master of Masters), Grand Master.

Master Lima was born on the 10th of June 1956 on the city of Taquaritinga, São Paulo, Brazil.

His mother and his father were already fighters back in the day and naturally him and his brothers and sisters followed the fighting tradition where Master Lima adhered to Capoeira Antiga (Ancient Capoeira).

Master Lima first started practicing capoeira with Master Baiano da Cachorra and here was where his love for the competition and general sports has started.

At the age of 16 he arrives to Santos in São Paulo, where he starts practicing Karate and Capoeira. In Capoeira he’s practicing with Master Paulinho Pirata, who introduced him to Master Sombra, which leads him a professional career in Capoeira.

In the 70’s he’s brother Zé de Lima became Boxing Champion and Master Lima practiced and competed for the Military Policy Academy of Santos, São Paulo.

In 1978 Filho de Senzala is born, Master Lima own Capoeira School and simultaneously Master Lima creates a new sport Capboxe (mix of Capoeira and Boxing techniques).

He then formed and trained plenty of champions in Capbox and Capoeira champions, in many different states of Brazil and graduates a lot of Capoeira professionals around world.

An example of Capoeira champions is his son, Master Pereira, from Marilía city in São Paulo.

Nowadays Master Lima is the responsible for the Arte Popular HQ in Genève, Switzerland. Where he follows and maintains the Lima’s family tradition.

Master Lima is the creator of Capbox, and Grand Master in Capoeira as well as Grand Master in Capbox. He is a black belt in Karate, graduate in Judo and Pro Boxing professional.

In his life he counts with international experience in Brasil, Spain, Morocco’s, Belgium, Canada, Sweden, and Italy.

One famous quote from Master Lima is : « Where there is truth, there is respect. »

Master Lima is a living legend and a real history.