1.- Required documents :

  • A medical certificate.
  • A stamped adressed envelope.
  • A photo ID for newcomers.
  • A 20 € check ordered to the association ” Capoeira Antiga Cultura Guerreira Auvergne “

2.- Needed Equipment :

  • uniform : Capoeira antiga kimono or pants and shirt sold by the association.

3.- Respect the following :

  • Train regularly and seriously, be punctual to the training unless you have constraints such as work or school…. to be explained to the professor.
  • Pay courses.

4.- The Capoeira Antiga graduation and trainings :

  • The academy usually organizes a graduation day ( a celebration where the Capoerista shws his evolution, and receives firts guaduation or evolution).
  • for internship, a Financial contribution will be requested.

Without one of these itms, the subscription could not be validade and therefore the Capoeira cours could no be followed !