Movements from Angola in Latin America, with the arrival of Angolan slaves on the American continent were used to perpetuate a culture. These movements and spirit of the men became slaves found themselves in a dance battle and created Capoeira. To protect their knowledge and prepare a defense, African slaves used their body as a weapon and music to be viewed as harmless in order to live Capoeira. To allow the games to continue in a world hostile to the rebellion, they used music sometimes accentuating the dance moves to draw the eye away from slavery. In the musical vibrations players however developed their fighting abilities, their tricks and their perceptions.

At the border of the struggle in dance and dance fighting there was Capoeira.

Today, it can be practiced at any age, because it adapts to the limitations of each, whether child, teenager, adult or elderly person, it is never too late to start this ancient practice. Capoeira is a cultural sport that allows the body to work in a harmonious way. It addresses the whole person because it gives both the psychomotor and cognitive emotional social system.

Entertaining and informative, it leads to creative development activities, artistic and social undertaken adequate manner. It allows to develop in the individual, mental discipline and gain balance.

Ataare Master teaches an ancient technique, African Martial Arts (AMA) that was given him to learn from Master Liminha . This technique uses as a means of personal expression, the art of body control and self-control, self defense, fighting, in song, music and Humility. Is a teaching style focuses on fighting techniques with their bare hands or weapons. Historically, this training includes a spiritual and moral dimension to self-control (essential both to renounce avoidable struggle to cope effectively, if it is not), and is enriched by multiple knowledge (cultural, philosophical, well-being ). Thus, the African martial arts aim at overall development of the individual: external (strength, flexibility), internal (energy, health), intellectual and moral.