Master Liminha D’Ogum

maitre liminha

Master Liminha D’Ogum

António Carlos de Lima, Master Liminha D’Ogum was born on August 8th 1964 in Taquaritingua, state of São Paulo, Brazil. He began to practise Capoeira at 13, at the Volkswagen Club with Master Celso de Moura. In 1984, he is graduated Foreman (Contra-Mestre) by Master Bira and his own brother Mestre Lima in Santos, state of São Paulo. In 1991, he passed another step and became Master of Capoeira with Master Lima.

The same year, he moved to Recife, where he kept on developing his work with Capoeira, in association with Master Joao Capoeira. In Recife, he met also Master TéTé. In 1994, he arrived in Geneva, Switzerland, where he entered the group « Ginga do Corpo Negro ». In 1996, Master Liminha decided to leave the group and created the Association « Capoeira Arte Popular » in Geneva.

Once the academy funded, the Master developed and defended a work of Capoeira at his own image. He organized meetings, shows and other events in Europe. In 2001, he recorded his first album of Capoeira ”Revelação” in Geneva. Due to personal reasons, the Master gave Capoeira a new shape in the game, developing and transforming Capoeira in a typical African fashion. That confirmed his own style: Antic Capoeira.

In 2004, he recorded his second CD « Geração Africana » in Clermont Ferrand, France, with his pupil Ataare Da Costa. That was his first project with Master’s Antic Capoeira. In Europe, he has been a great defender of Afro-Brazilian culture and values.

Master’s life is full of stories related to Capoeira. He influenced a new generation of capoeiristas. He was a model in teaching and transmitting the essential competences to practise that art. All his life has been dedicated to Capoeira. Because of health troubles, Master Liminha D’Ogum passed away on November 3th 2005 un Geneva, Switzerland. He had just turned 41 years old.

“To be a Master is not to know how to fight but how to control oneself and to teach an art, a philosophy of life”  Master Liminha D’Ogum