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Carlos Alberto Vieira Da Costa, Ataare D’Costa, was born in Luanda, (Angola), on October 7th 1976. He began to practice Capoeira in 1993, at 16 years old, with his Master Marco Aurélio, Abidula. In 1994-95, he left the group because of personal issues.

Later, with some friends, he created a group of Capoeira named «Capoeira Angola năo volta mais». With time passing, the group grew bigger and in 1996, the group changed its name into ”Raízes de África”.

The year after 1997, he participated in an international meeting of Capoeira in Hamburg (Germany), where he met with António Carlos de Lima.

Friendship between them and that year he invites the Master to get involved in the first and last event of Capoeira that he organizes in Portugal. In 1998, he travelled to Clermont-Ferrand, (France), as a volunteer in an European program. At the time, he had the desire to learn Capoeira with the Master and longed to strengthen their friendship. In 1999, he created the French association of Capoeira «Cultura Guerreira», in Clermont-Ferrand.

There, he dedicated himself to develop a new way of working with Capoeira. In 2000, he was graduated eacher and started to experiment the master’s Capoeira with more and more intensity. In 2004, he recorded a CD «Geração Africana» in France with the Master. That work intended to give importance and to transmit Capoeira Antiga.
But the following year, in 2005, Master Liminha D’Ogum passed away. Before that, he said a lot of things about Capoeira, planning and organizing his Capoeira Antiga.

“The master insisted on the fact he was not more with us physically than spiritually and that we had to prepare ourselves to a future without him. At the moment, it was impossible to imagine what was going to happen next, because he had so much liveness for Capoeira”. Master Ataare D’Costa

Today, his disciples and pupils are working to carry on his capoeira antiga. in 2010, the association changed its name to become the “Association Capoeira Antiga Cultura Guerreira Auvergne”, giving a new form to Capoeira.

«I’m thankful to my Master and friend Liminha D’Ogum for the time, the devotion, the knowledges, opportunities and teachings I received from him. I have a mission in Capoeira !»

Master Ataare D’Costa

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