Festival Capoeira

Capoeira Festival Antiga 2010 academy of Master Ataare -Part1-

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1 Festival of Capoeira Master Antiga Liminha D’Ogum in Clermont-Ferrand, organized by the Master Ataare with the participation of the Mayor of Clermont-Ferrand, Capoeira Antiga Cultura Guerreira Auvergne Association, UFOLEP Association, Education League, Youth Sports.

Clermont TV1 2006

Capoeira Antiga, report of Clermont TV 1, 2006 in Clermont-Fd

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Report on Capoeira Antiga 3rd European Meeting Intercultural Capoeira in Clermont-Ferrand. Master Ataare 2006 Organisation.


Capoeira Antiga Master Ataare/Master Liminha 2004, Graduations !

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Organization of the graduation ceremony of students of Capoeira (Passing grades, choreography, ) Master Ataare and Master Liminha Ogum. Clermont-Ferrand/France.


Documentary – Capoeira in Clermont Ferrand 2003

Ataare and Master Liminha

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The association “Capoeira Antiga Auvergne” develops the art of Capoeira in Clermont-Ferrand and Auvergne since 1999.